Harrow, Brent Diwali_Fireworks_header 2
Brent, Harrow and greater London Diwali celebration 3rd November 2018 (CELEBRATION OF CULTURE)
July 24, 2018
Brent and Wembley fireworks BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW
Brent and Wembley Fireworks BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW NEW FOR 2018
September 27, 2018
Brent Diwali fireworks pre show and Pyrotechnics

Brent Diwali fireworks pre show and Pyrotechnics


A spectacular fire show by international artists who have performed all over the world at some of the biggest festivals around including Secret Garden Party and Burning Man. The show brings together an eclectic mix of circus skills, dance and EPIC pyrotechnics in a choreographed and integrated spectacular fire show,  NEVER seen at our fireworks display before.

GlowFX’s are one of the world’s leading performers in what they do, they have wowed audiences from the USA to Amsterdam with their show, energy and pyrotechnics skills. They’re truly a world apart from anything we have had before at our Fireworks Display.

Mixing the latest in special effects and circus manipulation, GlowFX brings you high octane, jaw-dropping skills. Infusing creativity, professional flair, energy and massive pyrotechnic trickery.  GlowFX’s Brings the danger in 2018.

We understood what you were saying last year, and unlike most companies have listened. You all wanted more than just fire spinners, you wanted a show that only went on for about 15 mins that was packed with action and that you could see from further back in the crowd. We are sure that this is an amazing improvement on last years effort. GlowFX’s performance is truly amazing to watch, what they do with pyrotechnics is mind-bending.

Glow FX’s show starts at 7.30pm sharp and will finish at 7.45pm with the fireworks starting straight after. To get the BEST view of  GlowFX’s performance, you may want to invest in our VIP tickets. This will give you access to the front rows viewing area, so you have the best view of this epic show. The VIP Ticket will also give you a host of other benefits, including food, rides and glow sticks. Check it out here VIP TICKETS or go to our tickets page.

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