Brent Diwali fireworks pre show and Pyrotechnics
September 27, 2018
Morrison supermarket in partnership with Harrow Fireworks 2018
October 1, 2018
Brent and Wembley fireworks BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW

Brent and Wembley fireworks BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW

Brent and Wembley Fireworks BOLLYWOOD DANCE SHOW NEW FOR 2018

Kuntal Indulkar and her Bollywood Dance Company are scheduled to attend The Fireworks festival this year and it will be our pleasure to host her team of over 30 students and professionals and help them showcase their talent to the people of Northwest London, Brent and Harrow.

Bollywood dancing is the backbone of the Bollywood movie business, without their talents, Bollywood movies just wouldn’t be the same. Dance bring that extra something and makes any movie scene feel more alive and energetic.

We understand that Diwali is just around the corner, and many for you will be celebrating the same thing as we will be. The Fireworks festival For Brent and Harrow wanted to bring something special to its event this year. So for 2018  Kuntal Indulkar and her Bollywood Dance Company will be performing live shows throughout the night in multiple places within our venue. Byron Park, Peel Road, London HA3 7QX.

The Company was founded by Kuntal Indulkar who is the Artistic Director of the Company and was one of the leading professionals in the world of Bollywood Film Industry in Mumbai, India. The Dance School grew from a series of classes taught in and around London, Leicester, Milton Keynes as well as a professional touring company. Kuntal was also training professionals for major performing arts centres in London.

The Dance school is made up of people from all walks of life, English, Indian, African and so on. The students that study this form of dance, want to express themselves just as much as others do, and believe Bollywood themed dancing is the best way to do that.  The Skill and discipline that goes into a Bollywood choreographed dance routine is immense.  Kuntal Indulkar and her team will be at our event from about 5.30pm till 7.30pm and her professionals and students will be showcasing their amazing talents and new Diwali 2018 routines at POP UP locations around the Park…

The Company takes full pride in offering the following services

  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Choreography
  • First Dance
  • TV/Film
  • DJ Bookings
  • Hen parties
  • Bollywood Birthdays
  • Performers/Dancers
  • Concerts/Shows
  • Artist Management/Bollywood Stars
  • School Workshops
  • Photographers

We are looking forward to seeing The Kuntal Indulkar and Bollywood Dance Company perform for us at the event Saturday, November 3rd 2018.

To get your tickets for this amazing Fireworks display and festival click here. Remember buying online will save you up to 40% the gate price and guarantee a place at our ever-growing and popular Fireworks Display.

To get the BEST view of the performance, you may want to invest in our VIP tickets. This will give you access to the front rows viewing area, so you have the best view of this epic show. The VIP Ticket will also give you a host of other benefits, including food, rides and glow sticks. Check it out or go to our tickets page

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